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Suicide Squad Soundtrack Review

So I've just listened to the entire Suicide Squad soundtrack (and probably lost 20% of my hearing), and I have one thing to say about it: IT'S PURE PERFECTION! Each song perfectly encapsulates the film and characters, and the pounding bass, slinky synths, and amazing vocals make you feel like you're actually in the movie.… Continue reading Suicide Squad Soundtrack Review


Squad Up With Awesome Suicide Squad Merch!

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Warner Bros.' antihero epic, DC has created a store full of awesome merch! You can find Funko Pop! figures, geek chic clothing, home decor,and lots of other awesome things that I pretty much need in my life right now, puddin'. Check out some of the awesome items available to… Continue reading Squad Up With Awesome Suicide Squad Merch!


The Wonder Woman Trailer Kicks Serious Ass!

The trailer for Wonder Woman's solo film just dropped at SDCC 2016, and IT LOOKS INCREDIBLE! We see glimpses of Themyscira, the place that Diana Prince originates from. It looks beautiful, bright, and peaceful. We also see Diana's first interaction with Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine), after he washes ashore on her home soil.… Continue reading The Wonder Woman Trailer Kicks Serious Ass!