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How My Last Days Affected Me

Over the last three nights, The CW aired a special broadcast of Justin Baldoni's amazing passion project My Last Days. Each night featured two different amazing individuals and their passion for life, despite living with terminal illnesses. Needless to say, I bawled like a baby after each episode. The first night, I broke down in… Continue reading How My Last Days Affected Me

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Why You NEED to Watch My Last Days

When I first heard of My Last Days, I was intrigued. A passion project directed and created by Justin Baldoni (Jane the Virgin), this docuseries¬†originally¬†premiered on SoulPancake. The first episode I watched was Zach Sobiech's story, and I bawled through the entire video. To see someone who had so little time and who was going… Continue reading Why You NEED to Watch My Last Days