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Aquaman (2018) Movie Review

I went into this with bated breath and hope, and luckily I was able to let that breath out and thoroughly enjoyed this fun ride. Aquaman knows it's heritage has been teased and picked on, and embraces that. This is a purely fun, superhero popcorn flick. It's also the best DC movie since Wonder Woman.… Continue reading Aquaman (2018) Movie Review

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The Crow Remake Seems to be Officially Happening

After many rumblings in the industry, it has been confirmed that The Crow will be remade. I'm a fan of the original film, and it's hard to imagine anyone bettering Brandon Lee's performance or Alex Proyas' direction. I do have a smidge of hope, though! Corin Hardy has been tapped to direct the remake, and… Continue reading The Crow Remake Seems to be Officially Happening