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I Go on a Tangent | Inside Alyssa White

https://youtu.be/WXdGFXlAnDk On today's IAW, I go on a tangent, reveal my favorite RPG's, and what I hope to see from the MCU!

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A Plague Tale: Innocence | Xbox One Review

A Plague Tale: Innocence took me completely by surprise, in the best way possible. From trailer and gameplay footage I had watched, Asobo Studios' latest game seemed like a solid stealth experience set in an intriguing world. It is both of those, and so much more. It's a heartbreaking, brutal, yet beautiful story about love, family,… Continue reading A Plague Tale: Innocence | Xbox One Review

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Silence | Switch Review

I love a good story, and Silence definitely delivers one hell of a narrative. A point-and-click adventure game, you play as siblings Noah and Renie. The two run to a bunker to protect themselves from an air raid, and after their hideout is hit, they find themselves transported to Silence. Silence is a magical world that Noah… Continue reading Silence | Switch Review

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FAR: Lone Sails | Xbox One Review

I was immediately drawn into this game the second I booted it up. FAR: Lone Sails is a meditative, relaxing experience that leaves the narrative up to the player to decipher. You play as a little red cutie who is (perhaps) the last of their kind, and your main objective is to navigate your landship across different… Continue reading FAR: Lone Sails | Xbox One Review