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October 2019 Favorites!   Here are my favorite books, movies, TV shows, and game of October!

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Eliza | Nintendo Switch Review

As someone who has multiple mental illnesses and has been in therapy, the premise of Eliza immediately intrigued me. This is a visual novel that centers on a woman named Evelyn who becomes a proxy for clients while using an AI to guide each individual to the best therapeutic practices for them. Zachtronic's Eliza is an experience that… Continue reading Eliza | Nintendo Switch Review

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Solo: Islands of the Heart Review | (Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC)

Are you looking for a short, compelling game with a zen atmosphere and puzzles? Look no further. I was immediately enamored with Solo: Islands of the Heart as soon as I booted it up. Not only was I swept away by the whimsically beautiful graphics and soothing soundtrack, but I loved the fact that the developers Merge… Continue reading Solo: Islands of the Heart Review | (Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC)

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A Plague Tale: Innocence | Xbox One Review

A Plague Tale: Innocence took me completely by surprise, in the best way possible. From trailer and gameplay footage I had watched, Asobo Studios' latest game seemed like a solid stealth experience set in an intriguing world. It is both of those, and so much more. It's a heartbreaking, brutal, yet beautiful story about love, family,… Continue reading A Plague Tale: Innocence | Xbox One Review