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October 2018 Geeky Pickups!   I show off the movies, collectibles, games, and books I picked up in October! MOVIES: 00:24 COLLECTIBLES: 01:46 GAMES: 04:14 BOOKS: 08:41

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September 2018 Favorites!   Today I gush about my favorite books, movies, TV shows, and games I consumed in the month of September! BOOKS: 00:40 MOVIES: 02:50 TV: 11:13 GAMES: 15:47 SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER REVIEW: DONUT COUNTY REVIEW:

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Halloween (2018) Movie Review

I adore the original Halloween, so I had fairly high expectations for this sequel. I'm extremely glad to say it lived up to my expectations and more. This entry takes place forty years after Michael Myers went on his infamous killing spree in Haddonfield, Illinois. He was sent to a mental institution after being caught, and… Continue reading Halloween (2018) Movie Review

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First Man (2018) – Movie Review

First Man is the fourth directorial effort from Damien Chazelle (Whiplash, La La Land), and it's a powerful, if flawed, biopic about Neil Armstrong (Ryan Gosling). This film chronicles the life of Armstrong from when he first became an astronaut through to his landing on the moon. This is a handsome movie, with beautiful cinematography and stunning… Continue reading First Man (2018) – Movie Review

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A Star is Born (2018) Movie Review

The latest iteration (the fourth, to be exact) of A Star is Born is deftly helmed by star Bradley Cooper and features knockout performances by both him and co-star Lady Gaga. Their chemistry is palpable and feels natural, which adds to the authentic atmosphere of the film. The plot follows Ally (Gaga), a waitress who… Continue reading A Star is Born (2018) Movie Review

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Days 221 – 230 | 365 Day Film Challenge (Year Two)

More movies watched, more reviews for your eyeballs to eat up! If you'd like a sneak peek at what I watch and the ratings I dole out (plus exclusive short film reviews), follow me on Letterboxd!   DAY 221 - BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL (2017) Takashi Miike's one-hundredth film is a serious gut-punch. The narrative… Continue reading Days 221 – 230 | 365 Day Film Challenge (Year Two)