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My Teenage Obsessions… Do I Still Like Them? Today I talk about the things I was obsessed with as a teenager. Do I still like all of these movies, TV shows, and books, though?

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Days 294 – 303 | 365 Day Film Challenge

Ok, wow, I've officially crossed 300 movies... Let's just get started with the reviews, before it hits me that I'm almost at the end of my journey. Bee tee dubs, if you'd like to see what I rate these films before I post these written reviews (and check out which short films I've been watching),… Continue reading Days 294 – 303 | 365 Day Film Challenge

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September 2017 Favorites (Part 1)   Today I unveil my favorite films, TV shows, games, and music I've loved during the first half of September! I also forgot to mention in the video about the songs I adored, so you'll find those below! ♥MUSIC♥ LANY - ILYSB (Stripped): Daughter - Flaws: Harry Styles - Sweet Creature:… Continue reading September 2017 Favorites (Part 1)

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Days 284 – 293 | 365 Day Film Challenge

I'M BAACCKKK... and I'm kinda sad because I just realized I'm almost at the 300 day mark. You're not here for sentimental mush, though, you're reading this to see what I though about (insert movie title(s) here). So let's get on with it! DAY 284 - 99 HOMES (2015) A brilliant, heartbreaking, eerily prescient film,… Continue reading Days 284 – 293 | 365 Day Film Challenge

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August 2017 Favorites (Part 2) ♥ Today I list the movies, TV show, game, and music that captivated me in the latter half of August! Wind River review: Music Playlist: Liz Huett - STFU & Hold Me: Rachel Platten - Broken Glass: LPX - Tremble: Moon Taxi - Year Zero: Amy Shark - Adore:… Continue reading August 2017 Favorites (Part 2) ♥

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Days 274 – 283 | 365 Day Film Challenge

Ten more movies watched, ten more reviews for your eyeballs to devour... (Also, bee tee dubs, you can follow me on Letterboxd to see advanced sneak peeks and what I rate short films) DAY 274 - THE LOST CITY OF Z (2017) Based on David Grann's bestselling novel, this film is the true account of… Continue reading Days 274 – 283 | 365 Day Film Challenge

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August 2017 Geeky Pickups! Today I show off all the movies, books, games, etc., I purchased (or was gifted) in August. Also, please forgive my bad hair day... Sites Mentioned: Nerdie Nifties: NerdyGrlDesigns: MUSIC: 01:09 MOVIES: 01:36 GAMES: 03:46 Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Review: BOOKS: 04:12