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Happiest Season | Movie Review

Happiest Season is an absolute delight. My heart was full of the warm and fuzzies as the credits rolled, and this is such an important film for the LGBTQ+ community. Harper (Mackenzie Davis) and Abby (Kristen Stewart) are a happy couple who decide to spend Christmas at Harper’s parents home. The kicker? Harper hasn’t come out to her family and passes off Abby as her straight roommate. The film does tackle this issue in a happy light, which isn’t always the case in reality, but it’s so damn cute you instantly fall for all of the characters.

The cast is phenomenal, with Stewart and Dan Levy often stealing the spotlight. The costume design is fabulous, the film is saturated with color, and the story beats had me laughing and almost crying in equal measure. Happiest Season is a wonderful holiday treat.


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