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Run | Movie Review

Run is a tightly paced thriller that overcomes it’s predictability with fantastic lead performances and an incredible amount of tension. The film centers on Diane (Sarah Paulson) and Chloe (Kiera Allen), a mother-daughter duo who are extremely close. Chloe was born prematurely, and suffers from several different illnesses and ailments. Diane is a single mother who has dedicated her entire life to raising Chloe, but when Chloe notices her mom giving her new pills at night, she becomes worried that Diane may not have her best interests at heart…

Paulson and Allen are extraordinary, and the claustrophobic nature of the film adds to tense atmosphere. Even though I had figured out the main story beats before they occurred, I was still glued to the screen and was kept enraptured by the constant chain of events. This is an entertaining psychological film that deserves a watch.


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