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The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special | Movie Review

Releasing exactly 42 years after the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special, The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special is a charming, delightful treat for devout fans and casual viewers alike. Taking place after the events of The Rise of Skywalker, this special sees Rey, Finn, Poe, and the rest of the gang arriving on Kashyyyk to celebrate the Wookiee holiday Life Day. Rey and BB-8 venture off to learn more about the Jedi while everyone else prepares for the celebration, but they’re thrown into different timelines after departing due to a mysterious key. They meet familiar faces and are firsthand witnesses to iconic scenes from Star Wars’ past.

The visuals are gorgeous and every character looks adorable as a LEGO minifig. The voice acting is solid, even if it is a little jarring to see most of these beloved characters not being voiced by their original actors. I adored the sense of humor this film has and that is wasn’t afraid to poke fun at the prior entries in the saga. This is a must-watch for any Star Wars fan looking to get into the holiday spirit (and who desperately need to get the taste of the original Holiday Special out of their mouth).


Streaming on Disney+

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