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Scare Me | Movie Review

I adored Scare Me. This was original, creative, and extremely well-acted. The film sees Fred (Josh Ruben) and Fanny (Aya Cash) meet in the Catskills during the middle of winter. That same night, a blackout causes the power to go out in their cabins, and they hang out together in Fred’s and tell each other scary stories. The kicker? Fanny is a bestselling author while Fred is a struggling writer and actor.
I adored how each of the stories came to life (as all good stories should) and the sound and visual effects were fantastic. The claustrophobic yet intimate atmosphere lent itself well to the narrative, and Chris Redd stole his scenes as a pizza delivery guy. If you’re looking for a good horror comedy that packs intelligence and creativity into its runtime, this is the movie for you.

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