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Jade Green by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor | Book Review

I was highly impressed with this middle-grade horror novel. Jade Green follows Judith, a 15 year old who has been sent to live with her uncle after both of her parents tragically died. She is told not to bring anything green into the home, but she can’t resist taking a photo of her mother in a silk green frame with her. She soon suffers the consequences of her actions…

This is an excellent choice for younger readers to dip their toes into the horror genre, yet is also great for an adult looking for a quick read (under two hundred pages). The chapters are short but provide an eerie vibe that beckons you to keep reading to find out what happens. The only thing that might put some readers off is the time period. This is set before the age of cars and modern technology, where women showing off their ankles is considered scandalous. I personally enjoyed this setting, but some may find it too stuffy. Also, the characters aren’t as fleshed out as they could be, but they have enough personality to make you care for/loathe them.

Overall, I highly recommend Jade Green for anyone looking for a deliciously spooky ghost story to delve into. It’s not extremely scary, but does elicit goosebumps and the occasional look over the shoulder. You won’t regret it.


One thought on “Jade Green by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor | Book Review

  1. I absolutely LOVED ‘Shiloh’ when I was a kid, so maybe it would be fun to read a few books by the same author as an adult. Is this book considered juvenile fiction or young adult? (the age of the protagonist made me think maybe it was YA.)


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