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Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson | Book Review

I loved Kevin Wilson’s previous novel Perfect Little World, so I was pretty hyped for Nothing to See Here. It’s safe to say my expectations were surpassed. The plot follows a young woman named Lillian who is drifting along in life without a purpose. One day, her former best friend Madison calls her with an offer she can’t refuse: a high-paying job,  room and board (at Madison’s mansion), and all her expenses paid. The only catch? She must be a governess to Madison’s stepchildren Bessie and Roland, who have the unfortunate habit of spontaneously combusting. Yes, you read that correctly.

Wilson’s writing style is quick yet absorbing, and his characterization is superb. I felt a connection to Lillian and her struggles with just existing in this world. I was intrigued by her bond with the kids, and I was constantly flipping the pages to find out what strange events might occur next. Every character is fleshed out, with their own personalities and flaws. They all feel like they could be living, breathing people in the real world (well, besides the spontaneous combustion aspect).

My only gripe is that I wish that the novel was a little longer so I could have had more time to spend with Lillian, Bessie, and Roland. I loved them so much and was sad to read the last sentence, knowing there was no more of their story left. I hope Kevin Wilson writes a sequel to explore their lives further.

VERDICT: 4.5/5

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