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The Rhythm Section by Mark Burnell | Book Review

I read The Rhythm Section in anticipation of the upcoming film, and I can safely say I’m hyped. I absolutely loved the character of Stephanie Patrick. Is she the most likable protagonist out there? Certainly not, but she’s relatable. She struggles, and the viewer goes through her highs and lows with her. Starting off as a prostitute with a drug and alcohol addiction, she turns her life around with the help of a kind stranger only to be thrust into the thrilling, dangerous world of espionage.

Some of the book did drag, especially in the middle. There was just so much exposition, while other sections of the novel featured abrupt time jumps that didn’t really give an explanation of what occurred during the period in-between. This still didn’t put me off wanting to finish the The Rhythm Section, though. I NEEDED to figure out what would become of Stephanie and if she would pull off her mission.

Burnell’s writing is detailed yet brisk, and made me feel like I was in a female Bond film. I adored the fact that he made Stephanie multi-faceted and complex, not your typical female character who is only there to make the reader feel like they are the person they’re reading about. Even though the middle sagged for me, I’m excited to read about the further adventures of Stephanie Patrick.

VERDICT: 3.5/5

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