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Lock Every Door by Riley Sager | Book Review

I had extremely high expectations for this novel. Both of Sager’s previous novels (Final Girls and The Last Time I Lied) garnered five star reviews from me. It’s safe to say this is another knockout, and that Sager is one of my favorite new authors. The story follows a young woman named Jules who is in dire straits. Her boyfriend has just cheated on her, she’s broke, her parents are dead, and her sister disappeared years ago. She stumbles across an ad to be an apartment sitter at one of the most exclusive, ritzy apartment buildings in Manhattan. She goes to the Bartholomew for an interview and quickly snags the job. What’s not to love? She gets to stay in a luxury apartment for three months, plus she gets paid $12,000 by the end. Turns out, there’s a lot NOT to love.

After receiving a very strict list of rules (including no visitors whatsoever, no bothering the other residents, and not spending the night away from the apartment), her fellow apartment sitter Ingrid disappears. The Bartholomew brushes this off as Ingrid just leaving of her own free will, but Jules suspects something far more sinister. Soon, she’s caught up in all of the scandals and terrifying stories that haunt the prestigious building. Is she safe? Only Jules can figure that out.

I love Sager’s suspenseful, captivating writing. I had a hard time putting this book down, and constantly wanted to know what was going to happen to Jules and if Ingrid was safe. The twists are shocking and were not easy to predict even for someone as seasoned as I am. Lock Every Door reminded me of a classic horror film I adore (which I won’t reveal due to potential spoilers), and had me paranoid about being in my own house.

If you’re looking for a great, suspenseful horror/thriller/mystery novel, this is well worth your time. Sager has proven that they are a master at their craft, and I cannot wait to see what else they have up their sleeve. I worship at the Sager alter.


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