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FAR: Lone Sails | Xbox One Review

I was immediately drawn into this game the second I booted it up. FAR: Lone Sails is a meditative, relaxing experience that leaves the narrative up to the player to decipher. You play as a little red cutie who is (perhaps) the last of their kind, and your main objective is to navigate your landship across different terrains to try to find answers and other survivors. Easier said than done, though. Besides just steering your vehicle, you must also constantly perform maintenance on it, gather fuel for your energy tank, and overcome physical obstacles blocking your progress.


The first thing I fell in love with was the beautiful graphics. Your red character pop against bleak, dark backgrounds, while the constantly changing environments offer new, breathtaking sights to behold. Every small detail on your vehicle is noticeable, and the ability to zoom in on your character both showcases how adorable you are, but also can help you focus during certain trying times. I also just loved how peaceful and relaxing this game is. Focusing on keeping the ship running and solving gentle puzzles soothed me, and I became even more invested in the journey because of it. The controls are simple and intuitive, and allow gamers of any skill level to be able to go on their own journey.


FAR: Lone Sails is a relatively short game (it took me about three hours to complete) and doesn’t offer a lot of replayability besides the possibility of doing speed runs or replaying to snag achievements you missed the first time, but it’s a worthwhile journey you should partake in. Stunning graphics, a relaxing atmosphere, personal attachment to your character, and intuitive controls make this a must play for gamers seeking a thought-provoking, yet gentle, escape from reality.

VERDICT: 9.5/10


– Absolutely breathtaking

-Easy to learn controls

-Relaxing atmosphere

-Attachment to your personal and character


-Fairly short with little replayability


FAR: Lone Sails is available to purchase on Xbox One, Facebook, and PC for $14.99

Check out the game on Twitter, Facebook, and the official website for more info!

*Thank you to Mixtvision and Okomotive for the review copy!

**Images and video courtesy of Mixtvision and Okomotive

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