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The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides | Book Review

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding this book because of the fact that the rights have already been picked up by Plan B and Annapurna Interactive for an adaptation. I was eager to check out what made this book so compelling, and was left impressed. The plot centers on two people: Theo Faber, a psychotherapist, and Alicia Berenson, a famous painter who murdered her husband and hasn’t spoken a word since. Faber is determined to make Alicia speak and reveal her side of events, but is he the right person for the job?

At first, the book didn’t really captivate me. I loved the juicy opening, but the story started slowing down a bit. I’m glad I stuck it through, though, because when it picked up steam again, I couldn’t put The Silent Patient down. Uncovering Alicia’s past and Faber’s current struggles was intriguing, and the writing is incredibly fast-paced, yet packed to the brim with detail. The main characters are fleshed out incredibly well, and new twists are constantly thrown into the mix.

My only complaints with this novel are the fact that secondary characters get short shrift, and that I personally guessed (some of) what would happen. I would have loved to have delved further into some of the other participants lives, but I understand why this was not included. Other than those two niggles, I highly suggest picking The Silent Patient up if you’re looking for a fantastic thriller/murder mystery.


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