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To the Moon Is Coming to Switch!

I ADORED this gem of a game when I played it on PC many moons (pun fully intended) years ago, so hearing the news that To the Moon will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer made my little heart super happy and ready to be crushed to tiny pieces again. The plot of To the Moon centers on two doctors with wildly different personalities who decide to help a dying elderly man relive his memories. This game is so much more than that simple premise, though.  The game play involves solving simple puzzles and evokes classic RPGs and narratively-driven adventure games. It contains so much heart and charm, and if you haven’t played this beauty yet, now is the time to.

This will be released in two parts on Switch, and has been fully remade. X.D. Network have taken the reins on this port, and have switched to the Unity engine to fully embrace the game’s beautiful graphics. I’m incredibly excited to see Freebird Games’ masterpiece on console for the very first time, and will definitely be purchasing it again.

*Follow X.D. Network on Twitter and visit their website and YouTube channel for more info and news!

** Images and video courtesy of Freebird Games and X.D. Network

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