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Paris for One & Other Stories by Jojo Moyes | Book Review

Paris for One & Other Stories is a collection comprised of one novella and eight short stories about women in relationships, both great and lackluster. Paris for One, the novella, is easily the standout and feels the most like Jojo Moyes’ typical writing. This story sees a woman being left alone in Paris after her boyfriend stands her up, and is a wonderful tale about discovering your inner bravery and being the best version of yourself you can be. It left me feeling hopeful and cheery. Sadly, the other works don’t quite live up to this excellent starter.

The other short stories feel way too short, but they do have promising concepts. The writing style is also fantastic, keeping the pace brisk and making sure the pages keep flying. My favorite short was Last Year’s Coat, about making sacrifices and how far love can go. The rest felt underdeveloped, and I longed for them to have been fleshed out more. Each one could easily be its own novel if given the proper treatment.

If you love Jojo Moyes’ work or are a fan of romantic short story collections, this is definitely worth a read, if only for Paris for One alone. If you’re not crazy about the author or genre, this probably isn’t the collection you’re looking for.

VERDICT: 3.5/5

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