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One Day in December by Josie Silver | Book Review

Laurie sees a handsome guy out of her bus window one day in December (see where the title comes from?) and instantly falls in love. She is convinced this man is her soulmate… until her bus leaves and she misses her chance of meeting him. She searches for a year for him to no avail. Her best friend/roommate Sarah tries to help her in her search, but neither are lucky. Laurie decides to give up her hopes of ever finding him, but then discovers a shocking fact: he’s Sarah’s new boyfriend and she has to hide the truth from Sarah and try to forget her feelings for Jack (the bus guy). So far, so typical, right? WRONG.

This novel goes in directions that completely surprised me. This isn’t just a romance novel; this is a novel about life, friendship, loss, and growing up. Each character has their own arc, and they all struggle with serious issues that are common in the real world. Josie Silver makes all of her characters multi-layered and flawed, adding realism to a genre that usually likes to brush over these facets to make their object of affection perfect. I adored seeing how each character’s life unfolded and how they ultimately intertwined.

The writing is beautiful and evocative, and had me constantly flipping the pages. I finished One Day in December in a couple of sittings, and absolutely want a sequel. I’d recommend this even if you’re not a fan of romance novels. This is a novel about LIFE.


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