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A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess | Book Review


This book contains graphic detail of assault, rape, and torture.


Anthony Burgess’ most well-known novel is a tricky book to read due to it’s heavy use of Russian slang, but if you can stick with it and parse out the meanings of the words, you’re in for a disturbing, horrorshow treat. The narrative centers on a young man named Alex, who loves nothing more than engaging in debauchery with his best friends. They rob people, randomly assault individuals, and yes, rape women without a morsel of guilt. Until Alex is captured and his whole life is changed.

Not only is this book difficult to decipher, but it’s truly grueling to stomach. The graphic detail and imagery is sickening, but it’s so well-written and fascinating that I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the page. Alex is a truly evil, despicable antagonist, and I was rooting for his demise… only to feel a tiny pang of sympathy later on for him. For such a scant work of literature, so much detail is packed in. I practically felt like I was there watching (in horror) Alex and his friends commit their heinous crimes, and was caught up in his life and what became of him.

A Clockwork Orange is a strange and hard book to recommend, but if you have the patience and stomach to delve into this, you’re in for a twisted treat like nothing else you’ll ever read with your glazzies.


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