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The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager | Book Review

I absolutely adored and devoured Sager’s previous novel, Final Girls, so I had admittedly high expectations for The Last Time I Lied. I’m ecstatic to say that this work both met and exceeded those expectations. The plot centers around Emma, a woman who suffered a traumatic experience involving three of her friends going missing at Camp Nightingale fifteen years ago. Now, she’s a successful painter who is invited by the camp’s founder, Francesca Harris-White, to teach painting classes at the newly re-opened camp. She’s hesitant to revisit the place that continues to haunt her, but decides to go to come to terms with her past. Instead, she gets more than she bargained for…

To say any more would spoil this wickedly twisted treat, but Sager’s writing kept me hooked and made me voraciously keep turning the pages, even as chills ran down my spine. Sager knows how to write a captivating, complex mystery, and this is definitely an exemplary example of their prowess. I could vividly see the camp as it was portrayed on the pages, and could practically feel the cold water of the lake on my skin, hear the bugs whine past my ear, taste the cafeteria pizza, and feel the branches underneath my feet. The world is evocative, and I continually had to remind myself that I was just reading a book.

I have a hard time finding any flaws with The Last Time I Lied. Sure, there’s a love interest that I wish had been allowed more time to grow and deepen, but that’s seriously the only thing that even slightly nagged at me. This is a book that you should definitely read ASAP, especially if you’re hungering for a fantastic mystery.


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