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The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld | Book Review

The Enchanted is an exquisitely crafted tale about a very serious topic: death row. The novel follows three primary characters: an inmate, “The Lady” (an advocate who tries to get inmates off of death row), and a prison warden. Flipping between these characters can be jarring at first, especially because they’re different POVs, but soon enough it becomes natural. The subject matter is handled respectfully, and the story of York, a prisoner who wants to die whom the story is centered around, is heartbreakingly tragic. The backstories of the three main characters are also well-fleshed out and emotional, and really made me feel a whole spectrum of emotions.

The only thing that didn’t work for me with this novel was the magical realism aspect to it. I understand why it’s implemented, but it was somewhat confusing and pulled me out of the book somewhat. Other than that, this is an unusual, beautifully written story of hope, despair, redemption, and life.


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