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Ordeal by Innocence by Agatha Christie | Book Review

In preparation for the Amazon series based off of this novel (and because I adore Agatha Christie’s work), I decided to devour this book. The plot focuses on the Argyle family, whose matriarch was killed two years ago by her troubled son Jack. Or so the family thinks until a man appears who clears Jack’s guilt and throws them into turmoil over who the true killer was. Christie’s prose is precise and to-the-point, which makes her novels easy to read and keeps you hooked. This is more of a slow-burn than some of her other works, but I personally really enjoyed the pacing of Ordeal by Innocence. It allowed me to form my own opinions of each family member and figure out each one’s motives for committing murder.

None of the characters are terribly likable, but each has their own reason for being the way they are. The mystery was also effective, seeing as how I didn’t figure out who the actual culprit was until they were unmasked. The slow pace may turn off some readers, and the representation of a couple of characters is somewhat controversial, but this is a worthwhile read, especially if you’re looking for a quietly unfolding mystery.


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