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The Emperor Dalek’s New Clothes (A Time Lord Fairy Tale) by Justin Richards | Book Review

This is a fairy tale that takes place in the Doctor Who universe, and it’s an intriguing concept. This tale focuses on the villainous Daleks, and a group of rebels who are trying to bring down the Emperor Dalek. This short (and I mean SHORT) story has a very Star Wars vibe to it, with its heist plot, but has the trademark personality and threat of the Daleks entwined in its world. The story does end abruptly, but I enjoyed this science fiction fairy tale. I actually wish this had been a full-length novel to fully flesh out the plot and cool characters, which feel like they’re given short shrift in this tale. The other downside is this is only available in the (albeit gorgeous) slip case edition of the Time Lord Fairy Tale box set. Other than that, this is a must read for Whovians.


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