Keep An Eye On GRIZZLED!

Are you a fan of horror movies? How about good fun? If this is you, keep your eyes glued to GRIZZLED!.  It’s about three forest rangers and a hunter who must both find the President’s missing daughter and stop a giant twenty-foot tall mutant penguin (really) on the 4th of July. The film is inspired by the likes of Grizzly, Jaws, and King Kong, and is directed by Rycke Forman. GRIZZLED! stars Bill Oberst Jr., Shawn C. Phillips, Maria Olsen, and Jamie Bernadette (along with several other talented actors). There is a Kickstarter campaign currently underway for the film, and you can click here to check it out!


*I’m a producer of this film, and I’m really excited about this project! I love independent horror, and am anticipating this film and its release!

** Keep up to date with the progress of the film on Facebook and Twitter

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