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The Shining by Stephen King | Book Review

The Shining is another fantastic novel by the King (pun intended) of Horror, and I found it more effective in its chills and spook factor than the film version. The story follows the Torrance family as they move to the Overlook hotel during the winter following a scandal caused by the father, Jack. Along with his wife Wendy and son Danny, Jack just wants to get back on his feet and work on the play he’s writing. Things aren’t that peaceful, though, especially considering the hotels dark history…

I loved the evocative, claustrophobic atmosphere King conjured up, and appreciated how fleshed out the characters were. There were some genuinely unnerving events that occurred, and I jumped at small noises multiple times during my reading experience .

My only complaints with this novel are the ending (not King’s strong suit when it comes to his work), and the attitudes toward women. They slightly let down this otherwise strong, compelling horror novel. A must read for fans of the genre and of King.


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