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Crooked House by Agatha Christie | Book Review

I adore Agatha Christie’s work, but this is definitely not one of my favorite novels. The story follows Charles Hayward, who is madly in love with Sophia Leonides. After waiting three year, he reunites with Sophia, only to learn that her grandfather has suddenly passed away. Soon, he’s caught up in the elderly man’s passing, and is forced to consider that it may not have been a natural death…

As always, Christie’s writing is engaging and flows nicely, but the characters weren’t very fleshed out and I figured out the solution to the case way before the last few pages. My favorite Christie novels are complex mysteries with characters who have layered personalities and different motives, and Crooked House fell flat in that regard. Still, it’s an entertaining, quick read, and I can’t deny the fact I enjoyed my time with the book.


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