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The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor | Book Review

I went into this novel knowing absolutely nothing about the plot, and it benefited me tremendously. The story follows a man named Eddie, who after thirty years is still reeling from the horrific events he’s witnessed, and is surprised to find that he’s being haunted so many years after he thought the traumatic eventw he endured are still happening. To say anymore about the plot would spoil this wonderful mystery. I found the mystery intriguing, and the twists and turns the story took me on left me satisfied and flipping the pages. Some of the plot points didn’t hit for me, but most of the novel kept me engaged and surprised me.

The characters aren’t as fully fleshed out as I’d hoped they’d be, but Eddie’s point of view is strong, and made up for the lack of the character development of the supporting players. The mystery was intriguing, and the plot was both gruesome and moving. I thoroughly enjoyed The Chalk Men, but I can tell it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. If you enjoy creepy thrillers with complicated mysteries, give this novel a read.


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