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Bonfire by Krysten Ritter | Book Review

Bonfire is a whip-smart, intriguing, and fun debut from the immensely talented Ritter. The plot focuses on Abby Williams, a lawyer who must return to her hometown of Barrens, Indiana to investigate a local firm. While there, she becomes enmeshed in the mysterious disappearance of her former best friend, which wreaks havoc on her life and mental state. I do have to warn that this book contains triggers such as abuse, alcoholism, and bullying.

I personally loved the character of Abby, and felt a kinship to her. She was fleshed out, and every choice she made had a reason for it, whether it was the right decision or not. I also enjoyed reading about the eclectic residents of Barrens, and learning more about Abby’s backstory. The mystery kept me flipping the pages, and the writing style was impressive and fast-paced. My only complaint with this novel was the ending. It felt rushed, but otherwise, Bonfire is a mystery that is definitely worth your time, and I can’t wait to see what else Ritter has in store for us.


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