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Towards Zero by Agatha Christie | Book Review

Towards Zero isn’t as strong as some of Christie’s other works, but it’s still incredibly intriguing and fast-paced. This novel follows a group of people who gather at Gull’s Point, the home of a wealthy older woman named Lady Tressilian. Of course, everyone has their own motivations and problems. There’s the successful professional tennis player whose two wives (his former and current) vie for his affection, the maids and butler of the household, some friends of the wives, and Lady Tressilian’s only surviving son. One of these people is harboring a dark secret, but who is it?

The mystery unfolds much more slowly in this book, and is wrapped up faster, but it still held my attention. I enjoyed reading about the different characters and their lifestyles, and of course was trying to play detective myself whilst reading. I couldn’t put this novel down until I knew what actually happened, and was satisfied with the conclusion. Towards Zero isn’t as memorable as, say, And Then There Were None or Murder on the Orient Express, but it’s entertaining and a worthwhile read if you’re a fan of Christie and/or mystery novels.


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