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Hidden Agenda (PS4) Review

Hidden Agenda is the latest game from Supermassive Games (Until Dawn), and it’s a corker of an experience. You are placed in the shoes of both detective Becky Marney (played by Katie Cassidy) and DA Felicity Graves (portrayed by Christy Choi) as they try to hunt down the Trapper Killer. Like Until Dawn, your choices matter in this game. Your dialogue choices and actions dictate how the narrative unfolds, and your characters can die if you’re not careful. Hidden Agenda is also incredibly beautiful, and I felt like I was watching a movie that I could interact with.

The interesting thing about this game (besides the ripple effect changing the story and the cinematic style) is the fact that you can only play this with a smartphone. You control your character by swiping your finger in the direction of your decisions and action on your smartphone screen, and access the logbook to see how the story is progressing on your phone. You CANNOT play this with the Dualshock 4, and must have a WiFi connection, which will sadly exclude some players, but I personally really enjoyed this feature. It just felt incredibly organic. You can also play this game with up to five other people (albeit in the same location). Sadly, I can’t comment on this aspect of Hidden Agenda, but I imagine it’s hectic and adds an interesting layer to the experience. One other thing I must note is the length of the game. It took me two hours to complete my play through, but I felt that this was the perfect length. This game is designed to be played multiple times, and I felt like I was watching a film that didn’t outstay its welcome.

The cast is incredible, and make you care and/or dislike their characters. Katie Cassidy especially shines. She shows incredible range in her performance, and I think she was the perfect choice for this game. The story is captivating, and I was desperate to figure out who the killer was. If you’re a fan of mysteries and enjoyed Until Dawn, I highly recommend Hidden Agenda. It is a budget title at only $20, and it’s a cracking yarn with a unique control scheme.



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