The Jigsaw Tag!


For Halloween, I decided to tackle the Jigsaw tag! This is a super cool, fun tag that Wolfshot Publishing created, and I was inspired to do this by Peter Likes Books. Now, I want to play a game…

Part 1 – Which fictional characters will join you?
– Your pick
– The Brains
– The Brawn
– Jigsaw’s Pick (a character who doesn’t value life)
– Who is looking for you from the outside?
Part 2 – Using the characters you chose, answer these questions.
– Who’s first to go? (Who would buckle first)
– The Maze (Who do you guide through a steam filled maze as quickly as possible)
– Shotgun Roulette (One lives, One dies. Your choice)
– Survivor (Coin toss to see who lives. Heads = you, tails = character)

Wolfshot Publishing:
Peter Likes Books:

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