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The Mothers by Brit Bennett | Book Review

What a powerful story about love, friendship, motherhood, and religion. The Mothers centers around Nadia Turner, a beautiful seventeen year old girl who has a tragic past but has a bright future ahead of her. After becoming pregnant and getting an abortion, though, the novel focuses on how this single action affects Nadia and everyone around her. I loved the writing style, and adored the characters in this novel (even the ones who weren’t always the most likable). I connected with Nadia and the other central characters in several ways, and felt like I was there with them.

I loved getting to see them grow over the course of the narrative, and was hungry to find out what their futures held in store for them. I also enjoyed reading from the perspectives of multiple figures, and seeing how they reacted to the world around them. I only wish the novel was longer, though. I became so invested in these characters, and the ending felt rushed to me. I craved a little more story to flesh out the lives of these wonderful individuals, but overall, I adored The Mothers.


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