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Odd Birds by Ian Harding | Book Review

I’ll just admit this out of the gate: I adore Ian Harding, and had a huge crush on him while he portrayed Ezra Fitz on Pretty Little Liars. So, of course, I had to read his memoir. I was a little wary because celebrity memoirs can sometimes come across as a quick cash-grab or can read too simplistically. I didn’t need to worry with Ian’s account, though. His impressive vocabulary made it feel like I was reading a fiction novel at times, and his writing was fluid, humorous, and, at times, poignant and nostalgic. I experienced so many emotions while reading Odd Birds, and I adored how into ornithology (the study of birds) Ian was. I’m not particularly fascinated by all the different breeds of birds, but Ian made the subject accessible and interesting to read about.

I also loved his accounts of working on PLL, and enjoyed reading about his bond with his costars. I also didn’t realize how much in common I had with Ian, and I felt a sense of camaraderie with him just by reading his book. If you’re not a fan of PLL or of birding, you may not enjoy this memoir, but if you do enjoy those topics, I highly recommend picking this up. It’s a fast, fun, yet extremely well-written piece of literature from a supremely talented man.


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