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Dark Matter by Blake Crouch | Book Review

WOW. This is one hell of a novel. Without giving too much of this incredible story away, the book follows a man named Jason Dessen, a married father who is a physics professor at a local university. One day, though, his life is completely changed, in ways he never imagined.

I loved the writing style of this novel. It was fast and fluid, keeping me flipping the pages until I had ingested every single word. I also loved how thought-provoking the material was, and enjoyed that aspect. Some will find the concepts of the narrative too dense or complex, but I personally enjoyed the ride. One tiny complaint I have, though, is the fact that I never really emotionally connected with the characters. This didn’t hamper my enjoyment of Dark Matter, but I did feel a disconnect. Otherwise, this is a delicious, mind-bending piece of literature.

VERDICT: 4.5/5

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