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Ninth City Burning by J. Patrick Black | Book Review

I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with Ninth City Burning. The story is set in Ninth City, one of only twelve cities left on Earth. The Valentines have wiped out the majority of the citizens, and the ones left behind are training to wage a war against this abominable group. Luckily, they have thelemity (magic) and awesome mechs calls equi on their side.

The narrative is told through several points of view, and for the most part, I really enjoyed seeing the story play out through different sets of eyes and seeing how their personalities shined. Each character’s personality was well-realized, and I was never confused about whose POV I was reading from. Everyone felt REAL, and the way their viewpoints all fused together was satisfying.

I also found the story engaging, and was sucked into this alternate Earth. I genuinely cared for the characters, and desperately wanted them to prevail against the Valentines. I even laughed a couple of times. I was hooked on Ninth City Burning, and desperately wanted to find out what was going to happen next.

The only real gripe I had was the fact that time jumps forward an unspecified amount several times during the course of the novel, and it happened without any warning. I was left wondering what the hell just happened, and where the intervening time had gone. It was jarring, and I felt that an indication of how much time had passed would have been beneficial.

Overall, I loved my time spent in the world of Ninth City Burning, and am aching to see how the adventure continues.


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*I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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