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IT by Stephen King | Book Review

I can honestly say this is genuinely one of the most terrifying novels I’ve ever read. The plot follows a group of seven kids (and also when they’re adults) as they face off a malevolent force that has taken a hold of their hometown Derry, Maine. Every twenty-seven years, IT awakens and goes on a gruesome killing spree. These seven individuals are determined to kill IT, no matter the cost.

The writing is phenomenal, and is quickly paced. I was engrossed in the backstories of each of the characters, and the evil force was described so vividly that I was constantly on tenterhooks. I actually found myself jumping at small noises and glancing over my shoulder during my time with IT.

The only complaints I have with this book are 1) it’s way too long, and 2)the ending fizzled out for me. This novel is over 1,100 pages, and it definitely feels like it. Some parts of the story could have been trimmed for a leaner, more taut experience. Also, the ending was a disappointment to me. The majority of IT is a horrifying, yet enticing, thrill ride, but the ending left me wanting more.

Overall, I enjoyed my lengthy visit with IT, but can’t see myself returning to this book anytime soon. It’s written with passion and white-hot fury, but the duration of the novel and the weak ending sapped the joy of the experience for me.


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