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Virgins by Diana Gabaldon | Novella Review

If you know me at all, you know that I am Outlander trash. So when I heard about this novella, I HAD to pick it up and read it. By the time I flipped the last page, I was both satisfied and ravenous for more Outlander in my life. This novella follows Jamie Fraser and Ian Murray before the events of Outlander, as young soldiers who are tasked with escorting a young woman and a prized possession to her betrothed. Of course, things don’t go as planned.

I adored reading about Jamie and Ian as young men, and seeing them deal with their sexual frustrations (as the title proclaims, they’re both virgins during this time period) as they attempted to complete their mission was charming and funny. I love Diana’s fluid, beautiful writing, and I kept flipping the pages to find out how their journey would end. With all of Diana’s books, you never know what will happen next, and this novella continued to surprise me with how things unfolded.

If you’re an Outlander fan, this is an essential read. Even though this is a prequel story, and you don’t have to have read any of the series beforehand, it is beneficial to have read the other novels in the series to fully appreciate these two characters and the events that transpire. I adored this with the passion of a thousand burning suns, and will definitely re-read this… hundreds of times.


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