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Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me. by Lily Collins | Book Review

I personally have adored Lily’s work in films, and really wanted to read about some of her life experiences. I had the sudden urge to pick this book up during a bout of depression, and I read it in one sitting. Her writing is personal and eloquent, yet is also compelling. I felt like I was talking to a friend rather than reading a book. So much of what Lily has gone through have also been battles that I’ve fought (and continue to fight), and that made me appreciate the novel even more. To this day, I still struggle with body image issues, and have dealt with anorexia multiple times in my life. As Lily mentions in the book, it’s a life-long battle that never really goes away. You just have to keep fighting it. I also related to her yearning for making her mark on the world through her creative outlets, and her fascination with tattoos.

Some will just brush this off as another celebrity memoir, and I can see why some people view it this way. If you dig deeper, though, you’ll discover a personal, beautiful collection of essays that detail a gorgeous young woman’s journey to discovering herself and finding her way to success, while also battling demons and toxic relationships. I thoroughly enjoyed this read, and felt a personal connection to Lily after flipping the final page.


If you’d like to purchase your own copy, please use my affiliate link!

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