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A Work in Progress by Connor Franta | Book Review

Popular YouTuber Connor Franta’s first memoir is an entertaining and warm read that will leave you feeling inspired. Connor covers his childhood spent in Minnesota, his YouTube career, his creative outlets, and other aspects of his life. While I did feel like I was hearing him recount these tales to me face to face instead of reading words on a page, I did wish he had touched on the topics he mentioned a little further (such as how he gained notoriety on YouTube and how he discovered the aspects of his personality that make him so lovable). Besides a few grammatical errors, this is a beautifully-written memoir that oozes charm and leaves a warm impression of Franta after you’ve turned the last page. Plus, his personal photography adds to the “talking to a best friend” vibe. If you’re a fan of Franta’s, or are looking for a cute, inspiring read, definitely give A Work in Progress a read.


If you’d like to purchase your own copy of the novel, please use my affiliate link!

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