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Into the Water by Paula Hawkins | Book Review

I was a HUGE fan of Hawkins’ first novel, The Girl on the Train, and her follow-up doesn’t disappoint. Into the Water focuses on a specific body of water that is called “The Drowning Pool”, where several women over the years have been murdered or committed suicide at, and follows multiple perspectives after the most recent death has occurred. Each person that is followed has a different connection to the victim, and the main mystery of the novel is: Did Nel Abbott commit suicide, or did something more sinister occur?

This is a fun, fast-paced thriller that kept me glued to the pages. I was captivated by the townspeople, and wanted to figure out “whodunit”. Even though I did guess what actually happened before the end of the book, and some of the characters felt trope-y, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Into the Water and was compelled to keep moving through the twisty-turny narrative.


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