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J!NX Releases New Overwatch Clothing for One-Year Anniversary!

J!NX and Blizzard have collaborated on a brand-spanking new line of Overwatch apparel to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the uber-popular game, and the pieces are simple yet striking. Currently, you can choose between a cool Reaper sweatshirt, performance shorts and jersey, or lounge pants, a windbreaker, and a scarf sporting the logo of the game. Check out some of the items below!

OW reaper crew 1.jpg



D.Va hoodies are set to release in July, while hoodies repping Lucio, Genji, Widowmaker, Zarya, Roadhog, and Reinhardt will be available to purchase in September. These hoodies will retail for $59.99.

You can purchase these pieces at , and all images are courtesy of J!NX and Blizzard.

Be sure to follow J!NX on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more info about the apparel line!

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