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The White Queen by Philippa Gregory | Book Review

After watching the incredible miniseries based off of this book (and the following novels in the Plantagenet series), I decided to read the source material. I wasn’t left disappointed. This novel chronicles the life of Lady Elizabeth Grey, who manages to marry King Edward and become Queen of England. What she doesn’t expect are all of the difficulties that come with wearing the crown and wielding immense power. Plus, she may just have magical powers bestowed upon her by the goddess Melusina, which might just come back to bite her in the ass.

Even though it took me a little while to fully become invested in this novel, this is a fantastic work of historical fiction (a lot of the book is actually historically accurate). There are enough differences between the novel and TV series to make this a worthwhile read, and once the book sinks its claws into you, it refuses to let go until you’ve turned the final page. There’s romance, political intrigue, a badass Queen, and a sprinkling of magic. What more could you ask for?


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