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Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher | Book Review

Carrie Fisher’s first memoir is a powerful, absorbing treat of a novel. In this slim yet potent account, Carrie has just undergone ECT (shock therapy) and is relaying her memories that have remained intact. Oh boy, what stories she has to tell. From her encounters with Cary Grant, her Hollywood upbringing, her romances, and the other facets of her colorful life, she had me hooked with her hilarious, stream of consciousness writing. I devoured this memoir.

Will this novel appeal to everyone? Probably not, just because the format of the book is very loose. Carrie will start one story, jump to another memory, and then come back to her previous story later. I personally enjoyed this style, because it felt like I was reading Carrie’s journal, but I can see where this would frustrate some readers. Also, if you’re not a fan of Carrie’s, you’ll probably not enjoy this read. She is unabashedly herself, flaws and all. She talks openly about her mental illness, her addictions and struggles with sobriety, and doesn’t give a fuck what the reader thinks of her.

I loved spending a brief period of time with a woman I hugely admire, and was left wanting to hear more of her stories. I laughed out loud several times while reading Wishful Drinking (which isn’t common for me), and loved her dry, bawdy humor. I only wish there had been more to read.


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