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Lord of the Flies by William Golding | Book Review

Let’s just cut to the nitty-gritty: I HATED this book. The story follows a group of boys who are the lone survivors of a plane crash that has left them stranded on a desert island. They quickly pair off into two groups as they try to survive in this harsh new world. Sounds interesting, right? It’s not. Nothing happens until the last sixty pages of the novel, and the characters barely have any personality. I honestly didn’t care if any of these kids lived or died, just because they weren’t fleshed out and they all acted like brats.

Also, this book had several grammatical errors, which puzzled me. How did these get past the editors of the novel? I thought the concept of the novel was fascinating, and I can see why it was revolutionary when it came out, but the actual execution left me bored to tears and struggling to finish this extremely short novel. I can’t really recommend this novel to anyone, and I’m actually glad I didn’t have to read this in school.

VERDICT: 2/5 conch shells

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