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Annie Hall (1977) Film Review | 365 Day Film Challenge – Day 72

Annie Hall is widely considered to be Woody Allen’s best film, and I have to agree thus far in my journey through his filmography. Annie Hall is about a neurotic comedian named Alvy Singer (Allen himself) and his relationship with aspiring night club singer Annie Hall (Diane Keaton). This film capture the ups and downs of a relationship, and the emotional effects love can cause on people.

The performances are amazing. Woody Allen and Diane Keaton, who were dating while they filmed the movie, have chemistry and are a believable couple. Each endows their character with unique personalities and eccentricities, and even though they’re such different people, you genuinely care about their relationship.

I love the different film-making techniques that were utilized. There are animated portions,and sometimes Alvy talks directly to the audience, breaking the fourth wall. You can say a lot about Allen, but he has a genuine talent when it comes to film-making.

If there’s one negative (which I don’t consider it to be, but some viewers will) is that the film is full of dialogue heavy scenes where not much happens. This is a typical Allen touch, but some less patient viewers will lose interest.

Annie Hall is my current favorite Allen project, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see a creative, yet relatable, relationship tale. Fantastic acting and unique film-making techniques add flavor to the film, and the chemistry between Allen and Keaton really sells the cinematic experience.

Verdict: 4.5/5

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