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Check Out This Gorgeous Halo Wars 2 Artwork!

In celebration of the launch of the upcoming Halo Wars 2, 343 Industries and Xbox collaborated with three different artists (Grzegorz “Gabs” Domaradzki, Kevin Tong, and Craig Drake) to create unique prints highlighting the characters of the game. Each artist drew two different characters, one from the UNSC (the good guys) and one from the Banished (the main antagonist group). Check out the gorgeous artwork below!





Craig Drake Art for Halo Wars 2


Atriox - Kevin Tong for Xbox Wire

Cutter - Kevin Tong for Xbox Wire

Where can you get your hands on this stunning art? Follow the official Xbox and Halo Twitter accounts to see how to snag a print or the full set!

Halo Wars 2 arrives on Xbox One and Windows on February 21, 2017.

*Artwork courtesy of Xbox and 343 Industries


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