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Zeiram (1991) Film Review | 365 Day Film Challenge – Day 64

 Zeiram isn’t the best film to ever be made, let’s just get that out of the way. What it is a wild, cheesy, fun, B-movie romp. The story follows two men, Teppei (Kunihiro Ida) and Kamiya (Yukijiro Hotaru), who accidentally bump into a badass bounty hunter named Iria (Yuko Moriyama) and her A.I. partner Bob. Teppei and Kamiya are transported to the Zone, a virtual reality world where Bob has trapped Iria’s latest bounty, Zeram. The two friends must escape this harsh world alive before the VR landscape disappears.

The English dub is pretty bad, to be honest. The intonations of the characters’ speech doesn’t match up with the tone of the film, and sometimes the words don’t sync up with the movement of the actors’ lips.

The action sequences are fun, and I chuckled a few times at the events occurring on screen. There were definitely lulls in the action, and sometimes I found myself rolling my eyes at what was happening, but I had a good time watching Zeiram.

The visual effects are actually pretty decent, and made the viewing experience easier. The acting was decent for the most part, but the English dub isn’t great and the story is cheesy. This is definitely not a film for serious cinephiles, but if you’re looking for a cheesy, fun movie to kill some time with, you can glean some fun from Zeiram.

Verdict: 3/5

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