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The Abandoned (2015) Film Review | 365 Day Film Challenge – Day 27

I went into this film with no expectations, and I ended up enjoying my time with it. Is it a perfect film? Definitely not, but it’s a fun, thought-provoking watch. Following a young woman (Louisa Krause), who is on her first night at her new job as a security guard at an abandoned apartment complex. After bantering with her sometimes rude, sometimes kind co-worker Cooper (Jason Patric), she notices that a section of the building is off the grid. Determined to find out what’s lurking there, she discovers more than she expected.

Is this a particularly terrifying film? No, besides a few jump scares. It does make you think, though, and the ending is brilliant. You start to care for the characters, and root for them to escape.

This is a (literally) dark, gloomy film, which perfectly matches the tone of the story, but doesn’t add much to the aesthetic. This isn’t a pretty film to look at, but it does a serviceable job conveying the emotions lurking beneath the surface.

The Abandoned is a film to watch when you’re bored and nothing else is on. It’s not super scary, but the story takes unexpected turns and there are a few effective jump scares.

Verdict: 3/5

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